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Meet Cute - Arrika & Bryce

Some people say romance novel meet cures aren't representative of real life, but I disagree. Almost all of my friends had a "meet cute" moment with their significant other, so I thought I would share some of their stories.

Arrika and Bryce got married this June, and to say they were meant to be is an understatement!

In cliche fashion, it was a dreary, rainy Saturday night in Southern Indiana. She and I were supposed to hit a local beer stube, but not as dedicated to the local tradition as some, we debated skipping. However, another friend, who doesn't even like beer, but had never attended the event, requested we go and brave the storm. Reluctantly, we set out for an evening in the rain.

Once we arrived, we bumped into my cousin and some of her friends dancing under a large tent. Among the mix of young revelers, was a twenty-something guy who impossible to ignore. Not because he was funny or stunningly handsome, but because in the middle of July, when it was nearly ninety degrees, he donned a bright red fleece jacket. A FLEECE JACKET! To say we were intrigued by this fashion choice, was an understatement.

At the same time we were questioning his motives, Bryce was drilling my cousin for information on the pretty girl with the hair. (Arrika has the most stunning, bouncy curls even in the midst of a storm. It's truly unfair. I'd be crazy jealous if she weren't one of my best friends and so darn likeable.) Loving to play matchmaker, my cousin readily invited them both to join her at the county fair the following week. I, of course, should have deterred her from going out with the weirdo in a fleece, but my inner hopeless romantic decided their meeting was fate, and I encouraged her to go.

Turns out, it was fate, and they've been happily together for six years!

Photo Credit: Jessica Mitchell

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